A Welcoming Church For ALL people, where hope gathers and grace restores.


We are pressing towards Passover to realize the 7 blessings God promises to those who meet with him at Passover.
This Sunday 4/24/2016 we will celebrate First Fruits, the day our Lord rose from the dead!!!
Celebrate the resurrection of life!!!



Passover Celebration with special quest this coming Friday 4/22! Shawn Thomas will be here to minister to us in music and the word.
Sun. 4/23 the celebration continues with the 6 year church anniversary celebration!

We have entered into a season of restoration and increasing growth in the Word of God, the love for community as Christ intended it, and a passion for worship that transforms us. 

It is a time for restoring, reconciling, and healing. It is also a season for mentoring and encouraging sincere disciples and tomorrows Pastors, Teachers, Prophets, Apostles, Evangelists, as we press in with an authentic desire to walk according to the word of God. 

It is God’s appointed time for passion and self-sacrifice to return to the hearts of God’s people and those He is calling for greater purposes in the earth.

Today is the Day of your Salvation.

Today is the Day of God’s Grace and Favor.

Don’t let yesterday be an obstacle to your Tomorrow! 

Come, experience the heart of God toward you and allow Him to transform your life for a purpose greater than yourself!

Apostle Lee